What's new in Chicken Cake that attracts young people?

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Recently on the market appeared chicken cake fish cake attracting children and parents. According to our understanding, this is a new product of Viet Sin Food Industry Joint Stock Company, a frozen processed food factory that has been operating for more than a quarter of a century since 1997, meeting ISO HACCP and ISO standards. High Quality Vietnamese Goods is located at 1645 Provincial Road 10, Binh Tan District, Ho Chi Minh City.

Highlights of the product attract children according to the comments and feelings of hundreds of children at Huong Nghiep Festival, Kitchen Cake Love Duc Hoa, My Hometown 2023 at An Ninh Dong Primary School organized by Duc Hoa District Youth Union, Long An Province. and Thay Truong Bakery Club on August 1st is deep fried breadcrumbs from the outside, the main ingredient inside is chicken (for chicken cakes) or fish meat (for fish cakes) combined with Vegetables and cheeses are both fat and fun. Many children enjoy the product is eye-catching, cute fish and chicken shape, some children still hold it forever because it's cute and can't eat right away....

At the festival, we interviewed Chef Tran Nhat Truong - Culinary expert - Golden hand - International judge, Chairman of Thay Truong Bakery Club about the reason for choosing Viet Sin's chicken cake products. join the career day. "We chose Viet Sin because this is a clever factory in Vietnam in the field of frozen processed foods, snacks, which are reputable and available in most major supermarkets. Next to the idea, shape and ingredients. The food that meets the needs of children is both beautiful and fun and has vegetables, meat, fish/chicken. As you can see, there are many happy children spinning long cheese and waiting in long lines to enjoy fish cakes and chicken cakes."

The idea of ​​a fish-shaped fish cake with a deep-fried dough on the outside, fish meat combined with vegetables and cheese is personally very attractive and perhaps this type of fish cake product is the first to appear in Vietnam.

Besides sweet chicken cake, salty chicken cake (not shaped just round) has appeared on the market for a few years, but there is no chicken cake shaped like a chicken that attracts children and has not been recognized by many reputable manufacturers. There are big brands like Viet Sin participating in production and supplying to the market. It is hoped that the frozen processed food market will have more and more products that attract young people by external appearance and high quality inside, ensuring food safety, improving health, especially children. Need to pay attention to adding vegetables in daily snacks.